Where do i begin?

I was counted amongst OUTLIERS and was never in the LINE OF BEST FIT but you stepped in and taught me the FIRST PRINCIPLE to approach maths, it’s simple iMATHS IQONDE YAPHINDA YATSHEKA NJE NGOBANANA.

I was always OUTSIDE the STANDARD DEVIATION but you placed me within the standard deviation and brought serious VARIANCE in my life.

When my life equation seemed to be unbalanced. You substituted knowledge into my brain, made me PARA AND PERPER.
When all of my efforts seemed to be CONCAVE DOWN you helped me to reach a POINT OF INFLECTION and told me never to say ANGISUKUMI NALUTHO.

When all hope was lost and there seemed to be no PROBABILITY  of producing better results, like a TANGENT you touched me at one point and the rest took a TURNING POINT. Ngasthola isbalo naso sangithola satholana.

My attitude towards maths was skewed to the left but you C.A.S.T all the negativity away and skewed me to the right path. I can’t help it but sing SOH CAH TOA and QHE joyously. You were able to create a PERFECT POSITIVE CORRELATION between my heart and maths.  You raised my AMPLITUDE and my eyes reacted at an angle of elevation and i finally got the inclination for maths. My heart and mind began to FUNCTION SIMULTANEOUSLY.

You regard each of your pupils as SPECIAL ANGLES because you give each of us the special attention we require. Finally i found the root to understand maths and you were the square to it. Now, i can’t help it but count my blessings with the COUNTING PRINCIPLE  for i was once ranked in the LOWER QUARTILE  but you elevated me to the UPPER CLASS, with you i earned COMPOUND INTEREST  and there was no OUTSTANDING BALANCE.

Your passion for maths and teaching  is not imaginary but it is REAL,RATIONAL AND EQUAL. Your compassion has no RESTRICTION  and its REFLECTION is seen in all the axis of the Earth. It goes up to INFINITY  and comes in all patterns, both in SEQUENCES and SERIES.
You are the SIGMA to our NOTATION.

No words can express my gratitude. Thank you a dozen times….

Yours truly
From Richem Secondary School at EMPANGENI KZN

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