Partner with us

WTS Maths & Science Tutor

aims to:

  • ensure that not a single learner on our program fails Maths & Science
  • change the attitude of learners from fearing and failing Maths and Science to loving and mastering it
  • expand our reach to learners through Virtual Classes, Applications, and other Online platforms
  • create a leading nation in Maths and Science by transforming the way it is taught

Partner with us in these areas:

School Building Fund

WTS is in the process of building a boarding school in the Richard’s Bay Area. We have already acquired two properties currently in use for our programs. We want to turn those properties into a fully functional boarding school.


  • Financial Sponsorship: As a sponsor, you can provide financial support to our camps (venue hiring), catering, and administrative support.
  • In-kind Sponsorship: You can also support us by donating office/classroom equipment, vehicles, Wendy houses or classroom containers, virtual classroom equipment (video production equipment), and Wi-Fi.