Dr. KW Sibiya’s Achievements

2017 SA Man of the Year Award in Education
2019 Global Teachers Award in India
2019 Global Education Award in Dubai

Academic Achievements

In order to change the face of education, Dr. KW. Sibiya has equipped himself through academic achievements.

Shepherd College of Religion, Culture & Skills Training
Doctorate Degree
University of Zululand
Degree of Senior and FET Bed in Maths & Science
Biva Combined School

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Dr. Sibiya is a serial award winning educator and founder of WTS Maths & Science Tutoring. His work has received recognition both locally and internationally. WTS Tutor has a track record stretching over 10 years. A credible project which is trusted by Educators, Parents and Learners.

Fun Learning

Our classes are full of fun which creates an environment conducive for fruitful learning.

Impact Driven

Our goal is to ensure that we change learners’ lives using Maths & Science as tools.


We are an ambitious group which seeks to completely change the status of Maths & Science in South Africa using 4th Industrial tools to achieve this ambition.

No one is left behind

Not a single learner comes to us and leave the same. We are committed to you more than you are committed to yourself!

We give you experience

Learners who attend our camps have a life changing experience and long lasting friendships.


You are never alone, we are at your fingertips 7 days a week should you need help.

Thanks to the great team of WTS Maths and Science Tutors, Colleagues, Parents and Learners, these Awards belong to us!!

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