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26,000 learners enroll in our programs each year!


Where To Start Maths and Science Tutor is a fully compliant education organization specializing in teaching Mathematics and Science. Other subjects are on offer as well. The organization has a footprint reaching across South Africa.

The organization offers tutoring services to grade 8 – 12 learners, and out-of-school youth, Private Companies, and Municipalities. It has a total number of 5 Math and Science Centers, 2 Boarding houses, and one live-in upgrading center.

We host 4 Exam BootCamps per year, the last BootCamp which was held in October was attended by close to 600 learners from around the country. The organization is self-sustained through monthly fees paid for services rendered.


Where To Start (WTS) maths and science is a fully registered and compliant NPO (149-892 NPO) established in 2011 by Dr. KW. Sibiya, after witnessing difficulties facing learners in maths and science, saw a need for an adaptive teaching approach. He took it upon himself to design a teaching methodology that is fun and easy for learners to understand.

Relatability is the missing ingredient when it comes to mathematics and science subjects. Therefore, finding ways to make the learners relate to these subjects was like discovering valuable treasures after a long hunt.

Learners have things that they like and are excited about, things such as music, sport, dance moves, modeling, and so on. Integrating these social trends into mathematics and sciences made it easy for learners to relate, in that way, destigmatizing them as subjects that are feared and only for the naturally intelligent kids into subjects that can be mastered by everyone who is willing and able.

Testimonies from learners who have attended WTS programs are a clear sign of the project’s success and the impact it has on thousands of learners around the country.

Problem Statement

  • Learners are not motivated to study maths and science due to high percentages of learners failing these subjects.
  • Over the past five years, significantly less than 50% of the matric final exam writers wrote mathematics as a subject.
  • In 2018, out of a total of 270,516 mathematics writers, 37% passed with 40% and above.
  • Out of the total mathematics writers, 5828 passed with distinction (80% or above), which is only 2.6% of mathematics writers.
  • The latest 2021 Maths and Science results reveal increased improvement in Maths and Science, however, the problem is the 30% pass mark.
  • According to the DoBE: In 2021 the number of learners who wrote maths increased to 259 143 with 149 177 achieving 30-100% (57.6%.)
  • 196 968 wrote physical science and 135 915 achieved 30-100%, which translated into 69% in 2021.
  • Maths had the lowest outputs of the subjects classified as gateway subjects. These are subjects considered critical to the economy and development.
  • The state of math and science has been labeled as shocking or disastrous by media outlets, https://businesstech.co.za/news/government/455406/the-shocking-state-of-maths-and-science-education-in-south-africa/


The organization is very important as it will build the capacity for learners to improve their maths, science, and other subjects grades in order to get accepted at higher education institutions. Maths and science skills shortages are among the top issues in the South African economy, and creating a hub that is focused on producing these skills can help advance South Africa’s quest to become a well-developed country.

WTS Tutors ensures that learners enrolled in it will, not only upgrade their grades but also have a fully dedicated program and support structure for their academic journey. We will further improve the quality of students entering tertiary institutions, limiting the load faced by first-year tertiary lecturers from having to deal with students who have a poor foundation in maths and science. This will add value to the economy by laying a foundation to produce a high-quality and skilled workforce.

Vision & Mission

  • Vision: To change the lives of learners by giving them hope and a future through education.
  • Mission: To build a private boarding school specializing in Maths and Science, producing high-quality university students through an innovative out-of-the-box teaching approach.


  • To raise building funds.
  • To establish online lessons via different platforms such as mobile Apps.
  • To build a Virtual Classroom.
  • To have a mobile science laboratory.

Why choose us?

WTS Tutor has a track record stretching over 10 years. A credible project which is trusted by Educators, Parents, and Learners.

  • Fun Learning: Our classes are full of fun which creates an environment conducive to fruitful learning.
  • Impact Driven: Our goal is to ensure that we change learners’ lives using Maths & Science as tools.
  • Futuristic: We are an ambitious group that seeks to completely change the status of Maths & Science in South Africa using 4th Industrial tools to achieve this ambition.
  • No one is left behind: Not a single learner comes to us and leaves the same. We are committed to you more than you are committed to yourself!
  • We give you experience: Learners who attend our camps have a life-changing experience and long-lasting friendships.
  • Support: You are never alone, we are at your fingertips 7 days a week should you need help.

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