About us

26,000 learners enroll on our programs each year!

Dr. KW. Sibiya

This project began in 2011 after Dr. KW. Sibiya witnessed difficulties facing learners in Maths and Science. Many learners fear these subjects, therefore found it extremely difficult to understand. It is very hard to master anything you fear! Dr. KW. Sibiya designed a teaching method that learners understand and relate to. He infused learner’s social interests and lifestyle to illustrate Maths and Science. This approach has made Maths & Science to be much more relatable and enjoyable to learn. Dr. KW. Sibiya now leads a team of tutors which he has personally trained in order to expand the project.

Vision & Mission

  • Vision: to create a majority of learners who will master Maths and Science around the country
  • Mission: we want to build Maths and Science Center in Mzingazi Reserve, Richard’s Bay


  • To have functioning Maths and Science Center in Richard’s Bay
  • Register Accredited Maths & Science finishing school
  • Create Maths and Science Virtual Classroom and strengthen our online programs

Why choose us?

WTS Tutor has a track record stretching over 10 years. A credible project which is trusted by Educators, Parents and Learners.

  • Fun Learning: Our classes are full of fun which creates an environment conducive for fruitful learning.
  • Impact Driven: Our goal is to ensure that we change learners’ lives using Maths & Science as tools.
  • Futuristic: We are an ambitious group which seeks to completely change the status of Maths & Science in South Africa using 4th Industrial tools to achieve this ambition.
  • No one is left behind: Not a single learner comes to us and leave the same. We are committed to you more than you are committed to yourself!
  • We give you experience: Learners who attend our camps have a life changing experience and long lasting friendships.
  • Support: You are never alone, we are at your fingertips 7 days a week should you need help.