Dr. KW SIBIYA Multi-Global Award Winning Educator

WTS Maths & Science Tutor

aim to:

  • ensure that not a single learner on our program fails Maths & Science
  • change attitude of learners from fearing and failing Maths and Science to loving and mastering it
  • expand our reach to learners through Virtual Classes, Applications and other Online platforms
  • create a leading nation in Maths and Science by transforming the way it is taught

Partner with us as we change the face of Education

TV and Radio Programs

We are looking for partners to support our planned TV and Radio Programs. We have a good relationship with community radio stations around the country as well as 1KZN TV Channel.

WTS Maths & Science App

To expand our reach to learners that may not be able to physically attend our programs, an app will provide a personalized access to our lessons.

Maths & Science Center Building

We are looking to build Maths and Science Center in the Mzingazi Reserve Area in Richards Bay, the North of KwaZulu Natal. The Center will accommodate learners from around the country during our popular Maths & Science Camps. It will also serve as a Finishing School Specializing in Maths & Science.

General Equipment

We are in need of laptops, cameras, Overhead Projectors and other office equipment.

Virtual Classes

Covid 19 has taught us the importance of virtual learning. Therefore we want to build a fully equipped virtual classroom. We aim to teach 10,000 learners at once by going virtual.

Financial Support

WTS is a registered and fully compliance NPO which has employed 30 student teachers who have become our tutors, we would like to employ full-time backroom staff to support the tutors on the field. The program has an income stream and self sustained.